National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

HSE Vision

Zero incident philosophy in Power Sector by adopting the most effective and proactive HSE practices to ensure safe, reliable, and sustainable power services in Pakistan

HSE Mission

We are committed to monitor and assess Licensees HSE performance:
  • for protection of the lives and the well-being of consumers, employees, and contractors;
  • to minimize any impact to the environment;
  • to minimize damage to the equipment and property;
  • to minimize interruption to the power supply and economic losses in Pakistan.

HSE Expectations & Outcomes

  • Protect the lives and the well-being of consumers, employees, and contractors;
  • Reduce licensee incidents, power interruption, and its cost;
  • Minimize chances of legal actions against Licensees;
  • Increase Licensees productivity and quality;
  • Improve skills and competency of Licensee employees and contractors;
  • Enhance Licensees' goodwill and reputation in the power industry of Pakistan.
NEPRA Data Exchange Portal Power Safety Code for Licensees 2021

HSE Initiatives

  • Established the HSE Department;
  • Developed DISCO’s Safety Manual with the collaboration of LESCO and MEPCO;
  • Developed NEPRA HSE Data Exchange Portal for the timely submission of Licensees’ reports;
  • Published the Power Safety Code (Second Edition);
  • Conducted Annual Licensee HSE Performance Evaluation for 2020;
  • Launched a safety awareness campaign for Private Electricians, General Public, and Distribution Companies;
  • Provided a nationwide platform to engage all Licensees through webinars, workshops, and seminars.