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NEPRA’s Vision About Complaints
NEPRA has to keep a window open to public for resolving complaints where the licensees are not adhering to the standards. This is also in accordance with the RGT&D Act 1997, Section 39 reproduce below:

Complaints: –

(1) Any interested person, including a Provincial Government, may file a written complaint which the Authority against a licencee for contravention of any provision of this Act or any order, rule, regulation, licence or instruction made or issued thereunder.
(2) The Authority shall, on receipt of a complaint, before taking any action thereon, give notice to the licensee or any other person against whom such complaint has been made to show cause and provide such licencee or such other person an opportunity of being heard.
NEPRA has to constantly monitor and enforce the service obligations which could only be done through a Consumer Affair Division. The cell is actively playing its part through vigilance and pro active role to redress the complaints of consumers. This is not only providing relief to consumers but is bringing more visibility to NEPRA.
It is understood that although the day to day complaints cases will continue to be dealt by the Consumer Service Centres of the utility, the consumer complaints against the licencees (DISCOS), particularly of the nature as mentioned below will continue to come to NEPRA. It is important that NEPRA must keep track of the issues faced by the consumers as this will help NEPRA in monitoring and compliance of service obligations. The Consumer Affair Division will effectively be asking the licencees to redress the grievances of the consumers by close liaison with the Provincial Offices of Inspection and the liaison offices of NEPRA in the provinces.

Role of Consumer Affairs Division
The basic role of Consumer's Affair Division is to ensure dispensation of justice and protection of consumers interests. It will oversee the performance and effectiveness of the offices of the inspection and liaison offices in the provinces. Consumer Affair Division will ensure the enforcement of regulation act, rules, orders and instructions by NEPRA. While protecting the interest of the consumers, Consumer Affair Division would keep vigilance so that the electric supply companies:-

  • Expeditiously attend to the complaints and provide redressal in the minimum time period.

  • Ensure that the electric supply companies provide accurate and timely bills to the consumers.

  • Fluctuation free supply to the consumers.

  • No un-scheduled interruptions.

  • Safety standards are maintained.

  • Provide prescribed quality of electricity.

Provide compensation to the effected consumers.

Types of Complaints
NEPRA will entertain complaints by any person or the provisional government against the licencee for non compliance or contravention of the regulation act. Nevertheless NEPRA will in variably be dealing with the types of complaints as under:

a. Tariff Issues. Unless approved by NEPRA and notified by Government, the DISCO could not unilaterally levy an additional tariff to consumers. NEPRA being the guardian for the protection of consumer’s interests will only act, if it gets the feed back from consumers in the form of complaints/petitions.

b. Frequent and prolonged shutdowns. The consumers will seek the intervention and assistance of NEPRA who will ask the licencees to explain reasons for unscheduled shutdowns and breakdowns. This may be due to poor construction and over loading of the system and equipment.

c. Safety Standards. Violation of performance standards by licencees to deal with the cases as under:-

1. Electrocution due to improper earthing
2. Loose and dangling wires.
3. Low height at crossings and other public places.
4. Tilting poles
5. Miscellaneous safety hazards

d. Correct Voltage. The Electricity Supply Company is required to provide quality electricity to consumers and adhere to performance standards. When there are regular complaints against the licencee of a certain area for supplying constant low voltage effecting the efficiency and working of the consumer equipment thus causing damage, the company will be asked to redress the complaints expeditiously and may levy fines if desired.

e. Metering and Billing. It is not the DISCO which should be checking and giving verdict for the correctness of the meters. The disputes of the faulty meters should be referred to Electric Inspectors who should be adequately equipped to check the correctness of meters or otherwise and their report should be taken as final. The NEPRA has to periodically assess the effectiveness of inspections made by POIs.

As a regulatory body , retaining a Consumer Affair Division is mandatory to get a regular feed back from consumers regarding the quality of service that the utility is providing to its consumers. The distressed consumers will always look forward to the regulatory Authority for redressal of their grievances and dispensation of speedy justice. The Consumer Affair Division is thus the most important segment of the electricity regulatory authority.

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